Why Organizations Should Seriously Consider Automation in 5G

Nowadays, almost every task is automated. According to surveys, about 75 percent of businesses in every region and industry use intelligent automation technology (facilitated by telecom trends such as 5G network) to automate at least one of their business units or functions.
There’s no doubt that digital process automation is the new and improved strategy that responds to the competitive market’s current needs. Companies that use automation technology can:
● Reduce costs: According to Forbes, intelligent automation technology results in 40-70 percent cost savings.
● Save time: A Career Builder Survey reveals that HR managers can save up to 14 hours per day by automating their HR functions.
● Reduce human error: Research also indicates that automating manual tasks can help reduce human error. In automation technology, for example, the use of robotic process automation reduces human error as it handles all the needed steps to ensure accuracy.
● Achieve operational stability: Automation technology gives organizations the agility to shift resources as required to operate efficiently, maintain optimal performance, and encourage future growth.
● Support remote work: Automation enables companies to efficiently manage decentralized teams in different locations and across multiple time zones.
● Meet regulatory compliance: With automation software, organizations can track and monitor compliance with all legal requirements. The technology can also remind them of their contractual obligations and alert them whenever changes occur.
As organizations strive to grasp the benefits that automation technology brings about, their network infrastructure demands become more challenging to handle. Business stakeholders want reliability, scalability, agility, security, and several other capabilities, anticipating that costs will remain the same or even reduce.

5G Paves the Way for More Automation

After years of promises and years of waiting, 5G is finally here and has started rolling out worldwide. As operators jack up deployments and users switch from 4G to 5G devices, researchers forecast that there will be at least 1.9 billion people connected to 5G by 2024.
As the fifth generation of state-of-the-art wireless tech starts to live up to its hype, it’s opening a world of opportunities for organizations that seek to automate their business operations. Here’s how:
● Increased transmission speeds
In terms of transmission speeds, 5G is significantly faster than its predecessor, 4G, delivering 100+ Mbps average data rates and up to 20 Gbps peak data rates. This is 10 times faster than what you can get with 4G. So, it will take you mere seconds to download a huge file on 5G, instead of waiting minutes on 4G.
● Higher device capacity
As more organizations embrace remote work that is productive, employers are utilizing more and more devices, transmitting more and more data. These increased loads are too much for the 4G network to handle. This is where the 5G network comes in.
According to Samsung Insights, 5G for enterprise can support one million connected devices in an almost square mile. With such a high device capacity, enterprise networks can host a huge number of devices in their IT infrastructure, all of which can carry out data transfer simultaneously.
● Decreased latency
Latency is the time gap between when a data packet is sent and when it’s received. For instance, when watching a live-streamed football match, what you see on your screen could be a few seconds behind what’s actually happening in real-time on the football pitch.
High latency leads to conspicuous lag, which is a common problem with 3G and 4G networks. For businesses that are looking to venture into the IoT marketplace, latency becomes a particularly crucial metric. Luckily, 5G offers lower latency, considerably enhancing the functionality and performance of IoT devices.

Get Started With 5G Network Automation Today!

Whether it’s tomorrow, next month, or two years down the line, at some point, your business will have an opportunity to leverage the 5G benefits. We’re speaking of exceptional connectivity reliability, decreased latency, faster speeds, and a revolutionary impact on our work, education, play, you name it. These capabilities of the 5G network will pave the way for new, automated technologies that will boost your business’ performance and revolutionize the customer experience.
If you’ve encountered any challenges while configuring your network into a 5G infrastructure, Intraway can help. We are a global leader in telecommunications solutions dedicated to solving telecommunications and digital services challenges that many organizations encounter.