Why Integrations Hold the Key to a Killer Candidate Experience

For the longest time, APIs have been the cornerstone of enhanced customer experiences. From reducing the mistakes made from manual data entry, saving your customers and team time, minimizing pressure, to creating reliability and consistency, technology has been and still is doing the heavy lifting in ensuring customers get the best experience. Companies are incorporating new strategies to improve both offline and online customer experience.

From the benefits of APIs and integration in customer experience, HR is learning from these traits in a bid to improve candidate experience as well. 

Why Candidate Experience is Important 

Candidate experience is a buzzword often used around the hiring circles. It merely describes how potential employees feel about your brand once they go through its hiring process. This experience influences the candidate’s decision to apply or accept a job offer from your business. 

Stellar candidate experience is not only beneficial to the potential talent but also your company in more ways than one:

  • It makes it easier to land top talent – Landing top talent is crucial for business success but getting it becomes harder and harder. By providing an excellent candidate experience, your company has an easier time getting the best minds and talents to apply and even accept job offers at your firm. 
  • Strengthen and enforce your corporate brand – The culture and brand of your company are some of your most valuable assets. By working to ensure your candidates have an easy time through the hiring process, word gets out to their peers, driving your positive image and making it easier for you to connect with future candidates.  
  • Better customer experience – The benefits of investing in a sound and appealing experience for your candidates extend to your customers as well. If the candidates are happy with the process, they are more than happy to work for you and serve your clients. 

Why Integration of HR Technology is Key to Creating a Killer Candidate Experience 

The hiring process is one of the first actual contacts potential employees have with your firm. As with your customers, you need to create an outstanding first impression. Integration of your HR technology is your best bet to ensuring an excellent first impression every time! Here’s why: 

Eases frustrations 

Most candidates will drop off from the application process if communication is poor, and the requirements of the application are unclear. Using mobile and video platforms can help to address communication issues. It also helps to integrate responsive features in the application process to allow candidates to apply and keep track of their applications using their smartphones.

Engage candidates right from the beginning 

Creating interest and excitement in candidates is the perfect way of engaging potential candidates in your hiring process. Gamification and VR are some of the methods HR departments and recruiting agencies are using to not only engage the candidates but also better understand the skill set of the candidates.

Using gamification, the hiring team can put candidates in real-life work situations in a fun and exciting environment and assess essential skills like multitasking, problem-solving, and decision-making. While with VR, candidates can tour the office space and get a sneak peek experience of the various tasks around the office, among other experiences. 

Providing a personalized hiring experience 

Personalization is a crucial aspect of building a positive candidate experience and consequently building relationships. Unfortunately, only a meager 15 per cent of companies believe they’ve done enough to cultivate long-term relationships with potential talent. 

Integrating chatbots into your hiring process is one of the key ways to humanize the recruiting processes and build trust from the onset. 

Chatbots can sort resumes, ask questions to candidates, and deliver critical details to the hiring team that allows them to tailor a customized approach with each potential candidate. 

The Takeaway 

Even though technology is still young, there’s an abundance of it. You have the unique opportunity to chart the path you want your HR technology to take and ultimately take control of your candidate experience. By positioning yourself as a lucrative recruiter, you can get the jump on your competition and become a preferred destination for leading talent to fuel your growth and achieve your business goals.