IT professionals are some of the best-paid techs in the US. In this post, we discuss the five leading IT jobs and their average annual salary in 2020. We will discuss these IT jobs in their ascending order of average annual salary.

Moreover, we will show you their qualifications, so you can know (with or without a career coach’s guidance) which one suits your career goals in 2021. Welcome aboard to discover what you will be earning should you opt for any of these top-paying IT jobs.

1. Data Architects 

These pros are responsible for the translation of enterprise needs into database solutions and overseeing data storage. Consequently, they let organizations enjoy streamlined processes necessary for making strategic decisions. Should you settle for this job, your annual salary average will be $141,250.

2. Apps Architects 

If you want to build a career here, you need perfect technical skills. You also need to work well with others and lead them when the opportunity arises. Besides, excellent planning and communication skills are essential for performing this job. This job entails designing apps’ main components, such as infrastructures and interfaces. If you settle here, your annual salary average will be $141,750.

3. Information Systems Security Managers 

These managers need a deep orientation in and knowledge of systems and network security. Besides, they require excellent leadership and interpersonal skills. If you want to be one of them, you should prepare to prove your ability to solve complex problems and communicate your solutions clearly. It’s also important to update yourself on all the trending security threats e.g. highly developed ransomware attacks, cloud jacking, and mobile malware e.t.c., and remedies as well as state regulations. The job pays an annual average of $143,250. 

4. Mobile Apps Developers 

Doubtlessly, we live in an app-controlled generation. Therefore, someone once joked that if you want mentally lazy people to use their brain you just need to tell them that it’s “an app.” Fortunately, the potential is almost infinite for those who are ready to develop their app development potential and skills. Here, you will develop applications for the world’s most popular mobile platforms—iOS and Android.

You need some experience and training in programming with mobile frameworks. Also, you require training and expertise in mobile development languages. Moreover, skill and knowledge of website development languages are necessary if you will perform your duties well. For this job, expect to earn an average of $146,500 annually.

5. Big Data Engineers

If you opt to work in the big data field, you should be ready to help people because this career is all about that. For instance, you will be responsible for helping enterprises to convert huge chunks of crude data into implementable info they can use to formulate strategies, make decisions, and innovate for competitiveness. Moreover, you will participate in the creation of companies’ software and hardware architectures. Besides, you will create systems that enable people to use the available big data and even opt for batch data processing that is ideal in this case.

Regarding academic qualifications, you require a degree in computer science. Besides, you will need some experience in database management and math. These qualifications will qualify you to receive, an annual average of $163,250. 

There you go with our comprehensive list of the top 5 highest paying jobs in the IT sector in 2021. So, if you are seeking to build a long-term career in the IT sector, you have a clear guide to how you will earn if you settle in any of these careers. We understand that your labor needs to be appreciated well because a laborer deserves his wages. So, it’s now up to you to align your career goals effectively as you brace for a successful year.