The Evolution of Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is one of the most critical factors when it comes to building long-term customer loyalty as well as market establishment. Today, if you want to grow your customer base, and maintain your existing customers, you have to focus your energy on customer engagement.  

Over the years, customer service delivery has gone through a lot of changes. The market is very competitive, consumers have several options to choose from, and they have also come to learn their worth. To make it, companies need to work on building a stronger relationship with their customers, and this is exactly where customer engagement comes in.

To capitalize on the opportunities that this holds, companies should realize that digital customer expects more. A good number of them expect their issues to be resolved quickly, which was not the case a few years ago. This means there is a need for an improved online customer experience. With such growing expectations, every company should determine how best to interact with their customers to satisfy them.

The Impact of Technology on Customer Engagement

The truth is, technology has changed a lot over the years. Today, there are very many solutions that the digital world provides companies when it comes to customer engagement.

Third-party service providers have adopted the use of software as a service (SaaS), and this has allowed companies to be able to engage with their customers over the internet. This is exactly where digital customers are today.

SaaS providers have made it possible for companies to write their software tools and use them to integrate the tools with what SaaS is offering. This makes it possible for companies to have a unique identification as well as a unique way to interact with their customers.

Customers are not as patient as they were before; they require a fast and interactive approach to their complaints, and every company has to struggle to keep up with this change. Technology has come in very handy, and you can be able to solve customers’ queries, collect feedback, reviews, and any other engagement online.

The Challenges of Fragmented Engagement

Your customer today uses several channels to communicate with you. They can choose to send an email, message, call you, or use social media platforms. These channels offer them a good opportunity to present themselves differently. The customer also expects to be recognized across all channels, and in every interaction, they have with your company. They do not want to start the conversation all over again.

A huge percentage of customers want to believe that all customer service agents that are in a company they have contacted previously have their product information, contact information, and a history of a previous engagement. This is a significant challenge for companies.

To deal with this challenge, companies should fully integrate their multiple digital channels so that they can have a history of previous engagement with every customer. Managing digital identities is very crucial when it comes to driving effective customer engagement. Therefore, to improve customer engagement, companies should keep track of all their conversation history with their clients, irrespective of the channel used. They should also aggregate all data points. 

How Customer Engagement Influences a Customer’s Decision Making Process

The market is very competitive, and a customer has several options to choose from. To win your customer, you should be able to offer them something that your competitor is not. The customer today wants an experience, a story they can share; they want to feel like they are part of your brand and not just a regular consumer of your services or goods.

Engaging your customer and making them feel like part of your ecosystem is what will determine if they choose you or your competitors. Unlike yesterday’s customers who were more focused on the products or services, today’s customer is more focused on the experience, and that is a major part of customer engagement.  

The way your customers relate to your entire business ecosystem has also evolved, and an evolved relationship can benefit both the customer and the company. In as much as several ways can bring together partners, customers, and other players in your ecosystem, one of the ways to do this is to create a private online community of customers. If customers feel that they are part of the brand, they will not only choose the brand but will also share and get their friends and family to be part of it too. 

Best Customer Engagement Practices embracing In 2020

Customer engagement has a lot of positive impacts on every business. It ensures customer satisfaction, hence a more substantial customer base. However, customer engagement is not as simple as it sounds, and you should be ready to follow some strategies to incorporate it into your company.

Here are some strategies that you can consider:

Give Your Brand a Voice

Customers prefer engaging with a brand that has some personality. Different brands identify themselves with different voices, and so should you. Your personality will make your brand and the company more relatable and memorable to your customers.

Have an Active Online Presence

Social media has changed the way customers are engaged. You are as powerful as what you share on the internet. Your customers are online. Therefore, you should be actively involved with them online. You can start by joining all social media platforms and sharing your voice online. 

Personalize Customer Experiences

Online shops like Amazon have software that makes recommendations to a customer based on past purchases or searches history. This is one way to give your customer a personalized experience. You can also have guided shopping chatbots or conversational chatbots on your website that are ready to offer help. 

Create Content Based On Customer History

Once you collect feedback from your customers, you can use it to create and also share content with the customer based on their last purchase. This can add that special touch that will make your customer feel recognized. 

Final Thoughts

The needs of the customers keep changing, and to keep up, you must be ready to change too. When the approaches your company takes to maintain your customers and keep them engaged evolve, you will be able to fully enjoy the opportunities that technology and the digital age has to offer. You will be able to meet the needs of your customers through various levels, and this will help you easily attain customer satisfaction