Leverage Technology For Your Modern Workforce

One of the leading trends of the modern workplace is the rise of employees who want to stay connected with each other and the outside world. A study by Pew Research Center concluded that there is an increase of 35 % leading to 81% of Americans who own a smartphone. According to the same study, 75% of American adults have their own computers, and 50% have tablet computers or e-reader devices.

With these encouraging numbers, businesses are now incorporating technology into their workplaces. When they leverage technology for their workforce, companies increase employees’ productivity, enhance their hiring process, lower their communication expenses, and minimize human error in some tasks. However, it can be challenging for managers in the restaurant and retail sectors to know how they can leverage technology in their companies.

Ways on How your Company can Leverage Technology to Attract Modern Work Force:

Invest in the cloud

Cloud technology is the ideal choice for enhancing workforce productivity, reducing costs, and easing your operations’ scaling. This will also give your business enhanced flexibility because your data is stored online and can be accessed by employees from anywhere on an internet-enabled device. Moreover, with cloud technology, you can ditch your physical IT infrastructure. This means saving on valuable floor space.

Get mobile employee engagement technology

Connectivity between employers and employees on mobile devices will benefit companies in two ways. It means reduced operating costs, enhanced business continuity, and access to a large talent pool for employers. For employees, becoming mobile means they can easily access official communication anytime and quickly respond to client needs. Before investing in the suite of tools for your mobile devices, ask employees about their challenges and what they would like to see in employee engagement technology. This guarantees the tools to solve your company’s challenges, and employees readily adapt their use.

Get connectors between your applications

Nowadays, data in multiple places is one of the main challenges that companies face when they choose to leverage technology to increase productivity. This makes it an issue to get data that will inform decision-making quickly. Also, employees will spend too much time retrieving or entering data into multiple places. To solve this in your business, invest in a” middleware” that links diverse applications’ interfaces.

Upgrade your hardware

Outdated technology will cost you in employee productivity and repeat revenue or clients and hurt your reputation. In fact, according to a recent study, 90% of clients abandon businesses with outdated technology. Upgrading your hardware to flexible modern hardware like ultrabooks and tablets will boost employee satisfaction and productivity while impressing your clients.

One of the main challenges of mobile workforce is getting information quickly to make the right decisions. With the above steps, your organization will stay ahead of technology and attract modern workforce.