How to Improve Your Software With Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is an invaluable way of enabling any business to grow and satisfy their most important ally—the customer. This way, it becomes easier for companies to understand their customers, their wants, expectations, and dissatisfaction. A recent Salesforce report reveals that 89 percent of business customers expect businesses to understand their needs and expectations. By aligning your products to this feedback, you will be better placed to improve your product experience and manage your customer experience. So, welcome to this insightful coverage on how you can use customer feedback to enhance your software. You will also discover the best ways of gathering it and what you can do with that feedback. Welcome onboard.

What You Can Do With Customer Feedback

So, what can you do with your customer feedback? Here are ways you can use it profitably irrespective of whether it’s positive or negative.

  • Product Improvement

First, listening to and acting on customer feedback enables you to see those features of your software that require improvement. It lets you understand weaknesses and eliminate them while consolidating its strengths.

  • Enhanced Customer Involvement and Appreciation 

Your customer is your number one ally in the fight to win in the marketplace. Therefore, make them know and feel that they are involved in the process. Also, they should feel they’re important. Unfortunately, most software developers assume that displaying catchy and clever clichés will makes customer a part of their endeavors. However, people can sense when someone appreciates, and they use them. Asking your customers for feedback and then using it to improve their experience makes them feel you appreciate them.

  • Retained Patronage 

Lastly, customer feedback helps to retain happy customers. Remember, a customer who patronizes your products is most likely to refer them to their families and friends. 

Consolidating Feedback for Better Software Development 

Consolidating your customer feedback is critical because it makes it more accessible and actionable. Moreover, all the teams within your company, such as customer care, sales, and marketing, can access it easily. When this happens, you will be better placed to do the following one most important thing:

  • Detect all the trends to explore your software’s most requested features and then connect them to meet your customer’s needs. This way, you will know which product features are most relevant to users and why they matter to their lives or businesses.

How to Gather Customer Feedback

So, how do you gather customer feedback to enhance your applications? Here are practical and proven ways of doing it.

  • Customer Support Feedback

Your customer support team interacts with your customers more often. Therefore, optimize it to know what your users feel about your programs.

  • Transactional emails

You can also take advantage of product upgrades and sign ups to gather customer feedback. This gathering is possible through transactional emails that arise from your team’s interactions with users. You can use them to foster stronger interactions with customers and keep them closer to the company. They are best used to collect feedback when you want to gain timely insight into what your customers feel without shooting excess questions at them.

  • Reporting Bugs

Also, you can use bug-reporting or fixing opportunities to gather user feedback. Therefore, you don’t need to fear bugs or challenges in your software. Instead, you can take advantage of those moments. Such information will be critical in assisting you to avoid those challenges in the future and satisfy your users.

  • Phone Calls

Also, you can optimize phone calls to gather customer feedback on your apps. Calls are very useful since they have a personal touch. Your customers will feel appreciated when a person takes a phone to ask them how they feel about your apps. However, you have to know the best timing for such calls. For instance, numerous studies show that customers are more responsive to such calls between 8 am and 8 am. Alternatively, you can reach them between 4 pm and 5 pm.

Moreover, this method works well if you are dealing with users who understand your area of operation well, and hence, can give you actionable feedback. Also, use it when targeting a few people at a given time.

  • Cancellation Surveys

This last method is the most dreaded because it’s painful to watch your customer stop using your products. This cancellation is even bitterer when they do so to embrace your competitor. However, they are great opportunities to learn, correct, and improve. You can take advantage of cancellations and ask them to tell you what they want you to change or improve. They can also help you to know your customers’ experience with your applications during their subscription periods.