Financial Tip: – Should You Get a Temp Job? You Could Make $ Fast

Temporary, contract or interim jobs are more available now than they’ve ever been. Available jobs range from a few days to several weeks. Despite the availability, jobseekers are still skeptical about taking advantage of them.

Temporary employment is defined as an employment situation where an employee is expected to remain in a position only for a certain period.

You should take up a temporary job if you’re unemployed and have financial plans and responsibilities, you want to acquire new skills, or do not desire to have long periods of continuous unemployment on your resume.

Advantages of Taking Up A Temporary Job

  • It’s easier to find a temporary job

Rachel Bitte, Chief People Officer at Jobvite, writing for The Muse, says that “securing temporary  job is often relatively quick, especially if you go through an agency as I did.” 

Since many companies are looking for temporary workers and relatively few job seekers are interested in that option, you stand a good chance of getting a spot.

  • A temporary job can get you ahead financially

Bills usually keep mounting. It is, therefore, unwise for you to be stagnant financially. Bitte believes that getting a temporary job is better than both being panicky and accepting a job you dislike or holding out in the hope that something preferable will come up. 

  • It can be your Route to a permanent Job

If your employer is satisfied with your performance, he/she may decide to switch your temporary status into a permanent one. Strategies to help you achieve this include being punctual, leaving late when you have to, and being a good team member, among others.

  • It’s better to take up a temporary role than stay unemployed

If you’re a fresh graduate, a temporary job can build your confidence and get you the required experience. For those who are out of work, a temporary position could be the boost you need to revitalize your career or launch you into an entirely new area. Also, depending on how disciplined you are, working remotely would be less challenging and a good option to get you started.

What Are The Best Temporary Jobs?

Here are five of the best temporary jobs based on availability and popularity

  • Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants need good communication skills to do well. Although they may not necessarily require a college degree, computer knowledge is very important. They mostly offer clerical assistance, along with organizing meetings and other assigned duties. They typically get $10 to $20 per hour.

  • Seasonal Retail Positions

During busy seasons, some shops require extra hands. The jobs they’re expected to do vary widely. According to ZipRecruiter, they could include “assisting with the display setup, putting out seasonal decorations, organizing of products, and refilling stock.” Earnings range from $10 to $30 an hour plus bonuses.

  • Tutoring

If there’s any area or subject you feel you’re an expert in, why not share your knowledge and get paid? This is a good-paying job. However, it does require more educational qualifications than most others. The pay varies widely. You could earn $30 to $40 an hour or even up to $70 to $80, depending on your education, expertise, and experience.

  • Driving

Driving is referred as “an easy side gig that simply requires you have a driver’s license, a car, and a good driving record.” With several Apps and software now available, this gig has become easier than ever. Earnings may range from $10 to $20 per hour.

  •  Food Delivery

According to the same article, with some form of mobility, be it a car or bike, you can make some money delivering food. Good knowledge of the town and a friendly disposition are other things you need to succeed in this field. You can earn an hourly rate of up to $25 plus tips for doing this.

Where Can You Find Temporary Jobs?

You can find temporary employment through a recruiting agency. Some agencies are entirely focused on filling open temporary positions. 

Searching through websites is another way to find temporary jobs. Some employers post their temporary jobs on their websites. Job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder are also the right places to find temporary positions.