5 Things to Do to Your HubSpot Account to Keep it Going During Covid-19

Covid-19 has affected all of us in one way or another. Those in business have been left with questions like, “Should I close down my business?” “What would see best during these times?” “Is now the right time to sell or buy?” 

HubSpot has effected several changes to cushion users, since the outbreak of the disease.  Among them is having a Covid-19 portal where users can learn more about how the virus is affecting businesses, especially those on HubSpot.

As a concerned user, you may wonder what more you can do to add an extra layer of safety and ensure your HubSpot account continues to run smoothly. Luckily, there’s quite a bit you can do.

Here are five  things you can do today that can keep your HubSpot account going during Covid-19.

Keep Your HubSpot Account Going During Covid-19 With these 5 Things 

Covid-19 has greatly disrupted people’s way of life since it step foot in the world.  Businesses have been affected greatly and some even forced to close down. If you already have a HubSpot, check out these 5 things you can do to keep your HubSpot running smoothly.  

1. Automate manual Tasks with Workflow 

If you haven’t already automated manual tasks, you have one more reason to do it now. Most businesses are short-handed, and most sales reps are working from home using their mobile phones and laptops. Using Hubspot’s Workflow tool, you can automate the process.

The Workflow tool opens you to a world of opportunities:

  • It notifies your sales rep when a lead comes in
  • Sends automated follow-up emails to your leads, depending on their actions
  • The tool can set a contact property based on the actions taken by the lead
  • Assign leads to the specific sales rep based on their location or other pre-determined parameters
  • Schedule a task in the CRM when new leads are created

2. Set up Tasks for Users 

By setting up tasks, you can manage your team even when they’re working from home. HubSpot CRM has a variety of task management tools you can use to keep your sales team in sync, productive, and meeting deadlines.

Even after the pandemic is over, you can still use them to manage your expansive team and stay up to date with everyone’s to-do list.

3. Use Email Templates

Emails are one of the best ways of communicating, either internally in the organization, or externally with the customers/clients, which is known as email marketing. The right marketing objectives and strategy contribute towards the goals of the company. 

Using email templates is a double-edged sword. Used correctly, templates can enhance and make communication effective. But in the wrong hands, templates can make you appear lazy and reduce engagement with your leads.

Your email templates should strike a balance between customization and standardization to achieve the right results. Standardization saves you time, while customization impacts specific readers by adding different tokens into the mix.

Email templates will work best if you find yourself in repetitive scenarios often. In situations like now, when you’re short-handed, templates are a life-saver.

4. Leverage on Branching

Having an if/then branch as part of your email marketing is a game-changer. Branching refines how workflows classify contacts based on what your customers are doing or not doing. Even better, you can use branching logic together with delays for added benefits.

If you decide to follow this path, place the delay before the if/then branch. This gives your contacts time to meet the branch criteria before proceeding.

For instance, if you set your workflow to send out an email to your contacts, then check if the contacts have opened the email in three days, you can use the delay followed by the if/then branch. This gives the contacts enough time to look at the email before receiving a follow-up.

It’s a neat tool to have, especially now that following up on clients might be more challenging than it usually is.

5. Move calls and emails to HubSpot

There are tons of features and tools on HubSpot you can leverage on during Coronavirus. One of those features is the ability to call and email contacts directly through the platform.

This nifty feature gives your sales representatives the ability to see a timeline of their communication, complete with the contact, and a log of the discussion’s details. This valuable insight is an indicator of how the client relationship is progressing.

Don’t let Covid-19 bring your business to a standstill. With these few tips, you can get more out of HubSpot to better match your account to the current economic environment.