4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your RevOps

So you have finally created a Revenue Operations (RevOps) department to streamline operations in your business. That is a step in the right direction. However, is your business equipped to run one more department? Besides, wasn’t the idea behind creating a RevOps department to reduce the bulk of work?

RevOps is a relatively new term, and it is fast booming into a competitive career niche. A quick search for the term “RevOps” on LinkedIn will yield thousands of job openings.

Most of the job openings are directed towards freelancers and outsourcing consultants, for instance, marketing consultants. This implies that many companies are opting to outsource skilled personnel for different departments rather than having In-House ones.

Why are more and more companies outsourcing their RevOps work? Do they know something you don’t? Let us fill you in on some reasons why you should consider outsourcing your RevOps.

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your RevOps

Every company wants to employ skilled people to work in different companies, some departments have In-House personnel while some need to outsource whenever there is a task at hand. Have you considered outsourcing your RevOps? Here’s why you should. 

1. For the Unmatched Expertise and Experience

Experience is one of the most valuable skill-sets in any profession, especially one as sensitive and demanding as RevOps. As mentioned, RevOps is still a new niche in business operations.

Consider the analogy of an experienced island navigator versus one just starting off on the job. The experienced navigator has likely visited multiple islands and has an intimate knowledge of everything about them, including the things not taught at school. The amateur, on the other hand, may turn out to be as clueless as a tourist.

The fundamental idea behind a RevOps department is to streamline operations across a company’s different departments. This requires a team of professionals with collective experience in the different revenue-generating departments, and a team leader with exhaustive knowledge and experience in the same.

You need someone who can recognize problems and opportunities like a chess grandmaster can recognize winning patterns.

Back to the earlier analogy of an experienced island navigator versus an amateur navigator – a tourist would be better off in the hands of the experienced navigator. The same is the case with your company and the new RevOps department.

You need a ready team with the necessary expertise and experience. Fortunately, there are many ready professionals with an intimate understanding of the field, as clearly demonstrated by the booming job segment.

You may not have a choice but to outsource your RevOps operations unless you can afford an in-house team. Remember: the RevOps department is there to prevent mistakes in the company’s overall operations, so there is no room for error.

2. For the High-Impact Hours & Broad Resources

One of the underlying advantages of outsourcing ANYTHING is that the companies you are outsourcing usually have more resources than your company. As such, you are guaranteed a solution to all of your needs.

How much are you willing to spend on a robust in-house RevOps department? You need a range of professionals and other resources to get the work done. But do you, really?

Consider another analogy of a CFO’s everyday work. A CFO doesn’t always need the full CFO level value all the time – what most CFOs need is bookkeeping and controller in most cases. However, there are those times when a CFO has to be on his/her level best, and any CFO worth his/her salt cannot afford to be caught off-guard.

Now consider an in-house RevOps department. The RevOps team will have a big task coordinating the various revenue-generating departments. The going will be sometimes slow, but there are times when the departments will be stretched to the limit. In contrast, outsourcing companies have enough resources and professionals in various fields (admins, developers, architects, business analysts, and consultants) to handle any flow of work as it arises.

3. Good Talent is Hard to Find

Before the idea of creating a separate revenue operations (RevOps) department came up, companies often spent a lot of time cleaning up messes made by their different departments. Some of these messes are a result of a lot of “noise” in the communication process, or rather a lack of proper and reliable communication.

If the noise is not controlled and proper communication structures put in place, you’ll find that the messes never really go away. 

Such mistakes and errors should not occur under the watch of a RevOps department. However, the person in charge of your company’s RevOps department is still human and can make costly errors, especially if they are not properly equipped or trained.

4. You Will Save Big in the Long Run

Remember the analogy of the CFO — you don’t always need the full level? It applies to your RevOps department as well. Your in-house RevOps department will not always utilize the resources you allocate to full capacity.

This means that there will be a wastage of multiple resources (talent, equipment, technology, and more) now and again. Unfortunately, this wastage is inevitable since the department has to run always.

Revenue operation is sinusoidal, like a continuous wave that never ends but fluctuates now and then. Outsourcing is sinusoidal, too. 

In addition to eliminating wastage, outsourcing your RevOps work will save your finances thousands of dollars that would be spent running an in-house team. You will also realize more productivity (and more profits) than you could when working with an in-house team.

It is a Win-Win Scenario

Whichever way you look at it, outsourcing your RevOps work is a win for your company on multiple fronts. Most importantly, it will streamline operations, thus boosting productivity, and save/make you a substantial amount in the long run.